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Jiangsu denko Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Contact: Aaron Zhang

Mobile phone: +86-15651726161

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Location: Xingtai Town Industrial Park, Jiangyan District, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province

Jiangsu Dengke Metal is a world supported by various talents, and the value of superstars is created by employees. Therefore, we regard our employees as the company's precious wealth, are willing to absorb outstanding and potential talents, and hope that employees can develop well in the company.

The Dengke family is composed of individuals with vivid personalities. We value and respect people, and firmly believe that the progress of employees is closely related to the development of the company. Dengke’s vitality stems from the creativity of its employees. The employees’ perseverance makes the company prosper; the employees are determined to innovate, and the company’s vitality remains.

The company's development needs to be driven by the strength of employees, and the personal development of employees requires the company to provide opportunities and development space. Therefore, it is our pursuit to make the company and employees develop well.

Dengke Metal will grow up with its employees with the trend of being inclusive of all rivers! We welcome all people of insight who hope to achieve success in our company to join our team. We believe that with your joining and the joint efforts of the entire team, our business will definitely become even better and more brilliant!

We strive to shape and look forward to such Dengke people:

Being a man-integrity, cooperation, good at learning

Do things-earnestly, innovate, and pursue progress

Our mission: people-oriented, system management, professional services, committed to the common promotion of corporate value and employee value.

Our pursuit: to provide human resources guarantee for the development of the company, and create a good environment and space for the development of employees.