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Casting steps and method of stainless steel connecting claw

2020-10-09 13:34:45

A support is installed between two adjacent uprights. The support is a casting and welded to the upright. Generally, the upright is made of steel. Note that the horizontal line error of the support must be less than 1.5mm.

The support rod is fixed on the support with screws, and the crank is connected with the support rod through a convex shaft. The rotation action after installation is a retrial to determine the flexibility and opening force of the window after installation, and the full play of the cam function. The aluminum alloy frame is fixed on the periphery of the fixed glass with double-sided adhesive strips, and is completely glued with structural adhesive. Note that the structural adhesive is not used for structure transfer and can be glued on site. After the sealing strip is stringed into the aluminum alloy groove, the four corners must be sealed.

The frame parts, claw heads and glass can all be assembled and transported to the construction site in the seventh factory. When the frame is transported, it must be protected with protective paper just like aluminum window products to prevent it from being damaged. After assembly, try to ensure that the adjacent diagonal error is less than 2.0mm. The claw head and the frame must be perpendicular to each other to complete the fixing and tightening of the nut.

When installing and opening the window on site, tighten the upper or lower side of the frame with the crank thread. Pay attention to the flatness of the glass surface and the width and narrowness of the seams to make it even and flat during installation.

The push rod is generally installed in the middle of the upper or lower frame of the window. A rod is horizontally fixed, the push rod is mounted on the upper fixed rod, and the other linkage rods are connected to the tail of the push rod. Pay attention to adjust the stroke of each window.


The glass curtain wall connected by connecting claws has a transparent appearance. Because there is no wall, the lighting is good, and the indoor space can be integrated with the outdoor environment.

The supporting structure of the docking claw is diverse, which can meet the needs of different building structures and decorative effects.

The connecting claws are connected by a ball hinge, which has the ability to absorb deformation and also has a great guarantee in safety.



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