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Stainless steel fasteners usually have 12 types of parts

2020-10-09 13:44:27

When fasteners are usually used, because in many cases, the mechanical part needs to be rust-proof, so at this time, there are relatively high requirements for the material of the fasteners, and stainless steel fasteners are needed. What are the pieces?

Stainless steel standard fasteners usually include the following 12 types of parts;

1. Screws: It is also a type of fasteners composed of two parts: head and screw. According to the purpose, it can be divided into three categories: machine screws, set screws and special purpose screws. Machine screws are mainly used for a tightening connection between a part with a threaded hole and a part with a through hole, without the need for a nut to fit (this type of connection is called a screw connection, which is also a detachable connection; Cooperate with nut, used for fastening connection between two parts with through holes.) Set screw is mainly used to fix the relative position between two parts. Special purpose screws such as eyebolts are used for lifting parts.

 2. Stainless steel nut: with internal threaded hole, the shape is generally flat hexagonal column, there are also flat square column or flat cylinder, with bolts, studs or machine screws, used to fasten and connect two parts. Make it a whole. Special category of nuts High-strength self-locking nuts are a classification of self-locking nuts, which have high strength and strong reliability. It is mainly based on the introduction of European technology as a prerequisite for use in road construction machinery, mining machinery, vibration machinery and equipment, etc. At present, there are few domestic manufacturers of such products.

3. Bolt: A type of fastener consisting of two parts, a head and a screw (cylinder with external threads), which need to be matched with a nut to fasten and connect two parts with through holes. This type of connection is called bolt connection. If the nut is unscrewed from the bolt, the two parts can be separated, so the bolt connection is a detachable connection.

4. Stud: There is no head, only a type of fastener with threads on both ends. When connecting, one end of it must be screwed into the part with internal threaded hole, and the other end must pass through the part with through hole, and then screw the nut, even if the two parts are tightly connected as a whole. This type of connection is called a stud connection, which is also a detachable connection. It is mainly used where one of the connected parts has a large thickness, requires a compact structure, or is not suitable for bolt connection due to frequent disassembly.

5. Nylon self-locking nut Nylon self-locking nut is a new type of high-vibration and anti-loosening fastening parts, which can be used in various mechanical and electrical products at a temperature of -50 to 100 ℃. At present, the demand for nylon self-locking nuts for aerospace, aviation, tanks, mining machinery, automobile transportation machinery, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, electrical products, and various types of machinery has increased sharply, because of its high vibration and looseness resistance. Compared with other various anti-loose devices, and the vibration life is several times or even dozens of times longer. At present, more than 80% of the accidents of mechanical equipment are caused by the loosening of fasteners, especially in mining machinery. The use of nylon self-locking nuts can prevent major accidents caused by loosening of fasteners.