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Five things to pay attention to when installing the connection

2020-10-09 13:47:53

The connection joint is a glass curtain wall accessory, and is used in combination with the connection claw. The docking claw is mainly used to support the docking joint and transfer the load to the fixed supporting structure system. It is an important accessory for connecting the glass curtain wall.

The splicing claw plays a role in the connection of the glass curtain wall, and the load is transferred to the steel structure or other main structures through the splicing. Its mechanical properties are particularly important here.

The glass curtain wall connected by connecting claws has a transparent appearance. Because there is no wall, the lighting is good, and the indoor space can be integrated with the outdoor environment. The supporting structure of the docking claw is diverse, which can meet the needs of different building structures and decorative effects.

Part of the connecting claws are connected by a ball hinge, which has the ability to absorb deformation and also has a great guarantee in safety.

There are generally five things to pay attention to when installing the connection:

1. Be sure to know the distance from the steel beam welding base position to the glass surface before installing the joints to avoid installation errors. The distance from the mortgage position of the conventional joints to the glass surface is 140mm (adjustable 5~10mm).

2. When welding the base of the joint. Be sure to keep the base in a horizontal position when welding. Otherwise, if the welding is not in place, it will cause tilting when installing the connection.

3. When installing the joint, if you find that the welded stainless steel joint itself is not in the horizontal position, you can simply hit it with a hammer.

4. When installing the connection, it is necessary to ensure that the installer wears dry gloves when contacting the connection to prevent the connection from being exposed to moisture.

5. When installing the lighter joints, ensure that the installer does not produce scratches on the lighter joints and the lighter joints during installation, which will lead to the rusty of the lighter joints.



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