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Stainless steel connecting claw is the most important part of curtain wall accessories

2020-10-09 16:07:22

First of all, from a physical point of view, the quality of the stainless steel connecting claws selected on the glass curtain wall is directly related to the durability of its overall physical properties, which has a very direct relationship with the performance and structure of the stainless steel connecting claws . For example, under the correct selection and use of stainless steel connecting claws, many glass and window design forms in my country's architectural curtain wall industry have received greater value enhancement. The physical performance and use value of glass curtain wall accessories have even reached the international first-class standard. The whole system can realize three-dimensional adjustment of window frames and sashes, which can ensure that the performance of the curtain wall building is in the best condition.

Secondly, from an economic point of view, the use of stainless steel connecting claws also affects the development of the building curtain wall industry. For manufacturers of stainless steel splicing claws, only by constantly enriching the functions of their products can they better adapt to the fierce competition in the market. On the contrary, it is this fierce market situation that has caused the continuous improvement of the quality of stainless steel joint claws, and the technological advantages have driven the increase in profit margins. For building curtain walls, with the help of better performance stainless steel joint claws, it can naturally show better practicability and economy. Different quality stainless steel connecting jaws correspond to different market price systems.

At the same time, from the perspective of the properties of stainless steel, high-quality stainless steel materials are generally used for the connection claws. Under the embodiment of this material, the stainless steel connection claw has better performance and quality, and also has a broader In many environments, this high-quality stainless steel connecting claw can be used in many environments. From an objective point of view, there is a certain difference between a glass curtain wall and a point-supported curtain wall, so for the use of the connecting claw, It also reflects some differences. The surface treatment of high-quality stainless steel connecting claws can also increase the service life of the curtain wall construction. Even according to the statistics of relevant German technical departments, the anti-corrosion performance of the surface coating of the stainless steel connecting claws of the curtain wall can be as high as 600 hours.