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Stainless steel railings are widely used

2020-10-09 16:13:08

Stainless steel railing style classification:

Tubular column, ordinary square tube, round tube as column body, low cost. Flat steel column with plate-shaped column body. There are two types of single-steel columns and double-steel columns. Three-steel plates are rare, because steel columns are often expensive, and there are hollow and solid plates.

Special-shaped column, unconventional shape column. For example, the special-shaped grooved tube is used as the column body, which is mainly used for floor-to-ceiling glass style railings. The advantage is that it is convenient and fast, which can effectively save time and cost.

Nowadays, the construction hardware market is mainly based on flat steel columns. Usually, what we call stainless steel columns is flat steel columns. There is a large market demand in this area. Therefore, many hardware manufacturers have transformed into stainless steel railing manufacturers, which has also led to the market. The quality of the stainless steel columns varies.

The components of the stainless steel column assembly and the column generally include: the main steel of the column body, the column head, the column glass claws, the column pipe clamp, the column bottom plate, the fixing screws, and the decorative cover.

The scope of use of stainless steel columns:

Stainless steel railings are widely used, such as shopping malls, hotels, building fences, building fences, safety fences, safety fences, public places, stair fences, corridor fences, building stair fences, balcony fences, balcony fences, community fences, community decorative fences , Home guardrails, home railings and other places will be used, due to the wide range of use of stainless steel columns, so many construction hardware manufacturers produce stainless steel columns to meet the needs of the market.