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Stainless steel railing price

2020-10-09 16:23:22

Price of stainless steel railings: It should be noted that the columns are not in stock all year round. Manufacturers usually only have common and simple styles in stock. Most of the columns need to be customized. Engineering customers have a large demand and generally have CAD drawings. There are very clear markings on the stainless steel material, the height of the column, the thickness of the material, and the column accessories. Costing is required to quote an accurate price; small decoration projects, family customers Generally, there is no drawing size, and you can choose a good style and submit it to the manufacturer for quotation. The market demand for stainless steel columns is large, so many hardware manufacturers have transformed into stainless steel column manufacturers. This has also led to the uneven quality of stainless steel columns in the market. The price difference of stainless steel columns is very large. The stainless steel columns of the same model are less expensive. The price of 100 yuan, the expensive 200 to 300 yuan, or even higher prices, this is also normal. This requires customers to compare the three. For specific product model quotations, please contact Shenzhou Construction Hardware Co., Ltd.

How to install stainless steel railing:

1. Before the installation of the column, the line is laid out through an elongated line, and a groove is machined at the upper end according to the inclination of the stairs and the roundness of the handrail used. Then put the handrail directly in the groove of the column, and install it by spot welding from one end to the other. The adjacent handrails are installed accurately and the joints are tight. After the adjacent steel pipes are butted, the joints are welded with stainless steel electrodes. Before welding, oil stains, burrs, rust spots, etc. within the range of 30-50mm along each side of the weld must be removed.

2. When welding the column, two people are required to cooperate. One person holds the steel pipe to keep it vertical and can not shake during welding, and the other person performs welding. Welding must be performed around and should comply with the welding specifications.