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Talking about the surface treatment method of stainless steel precision casting

2020-09-11 23:38:20

For stainless steel precision casting products, there will be differences in the processing devices according to the requirements of different customers. It is very necessary to understand the surface cleaning of stainless steel castings. The surface cleaning of stainless steel casting products generally uses a variety of methods, including dry and wet methods. Dry cleaning is to use shot blasting machines. Wet cleaning methods include electro-hydraulic sand cleaning, hydraulic sand cleaning, and water cleaning. sand.

1. Dry cleaning of the surface of stainless steel castings

Dry cleaning includes friction cleaning and shot blasting. The main reason is that friction cleaning has low efficiency and poor results. The so-called dry cleaning generally refers to shot blasting and shot blasting. Shot blasting uses compressed air as power to spray steel shots onto the surface of the workpiece at a faster speed to remove debris on the casting. Shot blasting is more flexible and is a more effective supplement to shot blasting. Shot blasting uses a shot blasting machine to spray steel shots to clean up impurities on the surface of castings.

2. Wet cleaning of the surface of stainless steel castings

Electro-hydraulic sand cleaning refers to the cleaning of the shell under the action of electric pressure. Its basic principle is the electro-hydraulic pounding effect, which uses high-voltage pulses to release gas and discharges through special electrodes in the water to generate great fluid power. Because the vibration frequency of the debris on the surface of the precision casting casting is different from that of the metal, the purpose of sand removal is achieved.

Hydraulic sand cleaning refers to a method in which high-pressure water input by a high-pressure water pump is used to form a high-pressure jet through the nozzle of the spray gun, which is directed to the molding sand and sand core on the surface of the casting to clean the sand. Water cleaning is to hoist a certain temperature of precision casting products with sand into a pool, and the water entering the hot sand mold and sand core is heated and vaporized. As the water vaporizes and steam continues to be heated, the pressure continues to increase, and the sand mold and sand core " The "collapsing" falls off from the surface and inner cavity of the casting to achieve the purpose of sand removal.

Stainless steel precision castings are one of the casting alloys. Stainless steel castings have the advantages of investment casting. Stainless steel castings have high dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Therefore, machining work can be reduced, but the parts with higher requirements are left A small machining allowance is enough, and even some castings only leave grinding and polishing allowances, and can be used without mechanical processing. Another advantage of stainless steel precision castings is that it can cast complex castings of various alloys, especially high-temperature alloy castings.



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