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Docking claws are widely used in construction

2020-10-10 22:50:17

Many people's understanding of docking claws is that the form of docking claws as curtain wall accessories impresses everyone. In our daily life, there are connecting claws on various architectural curtain walls. As an important connection between glass, it has become an indispensable product for modern architectural curtain walls. But the connection claw is not what everyone sees and can only be used as a glass connection accessory. For many stones, the connection claw also plays a very important role. Today, I will give you a look at the connection between the stone and the connection claw. A connection between them and a systematic relationship between them.

     In fact, regardless of the time period, even if the glass curtain wall is more popular now, it is also indispensable to most of the stone in the construction project, and it also plays an important role. And for curtain walls, glass is not the only good choice. On the contrary, if different stones are selected and processed in different ways, the displayed stone curtain walls will also have great effects.

    Speaking of this, I need to explain to you the dry hanging system, as long as the upper and lower plates are connected, its structure is also very simple, and the operation during the construction process is also very convenient. This method is used more frequently in some warmer southern regions. The disadvantage of this operation is that the stone plates are connected up and down. If one of them needs to be replaced or moved, it is difficult, and the surrounding plates will also move, so the independent replacement function of this operation is not available. In the later stage, it is more difficult to maintain the stone, and the area of the stone is small, and the stress points are relatively concentrated.

    Another thing I want to introduce to you is the back-bolt type. Its operation method is to connect and fix the stone and the main structure with a connecting claw. However, this operation method has very high requirements on the equipment, and the cost is relatively high. High, but the craftsmanship is relatively much better than that described above.

    The last thing that needs to be introduced to everyone is the unitary stone joint claw system. The production is made of aluminum alloy keel, and is horizontally divided, with a floor height as the basic connecting claw unit. Its operation method is that the plates are processed and assembled in the workshop and then transported to the construction site for installation. A large part of this overall operation mode is done in the factory. The advantage of this operation is that compared with other methods, the quality of all aspects is well guaranteed, and the time for the arrangement and implementation of the construction plan is shortened. The disadvantage is that the weight of the plate is a test for the installation and lifting during the construction process. It has extremely high requirements for related equipment, so the cost is relatively high.