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The connecting claw plays an important role in the connection of the glass curtain wall

2020-10-09 23:04:42

As an important accessory for connecting the glass curtain wall, the connecting claw plays an important role in the connection of the glass curtain wall. The load is transferred to the steel structure or other main structures through the connecting joint. Its mechanical properties are particularly important here. Therefore, for the professional For the installers, they need to master more technology and knowledge points when installing point-type curtain wall accessories. Introduced are some details that need to be paid attention to when installing the stainless steel connecting claw. I hope it can help greatly.

The stainless steel connecting claw point type curtain wall accessories are composed of connecting joints, connecting claws, adapters and other components. The connecting claws are mainly used as supporting joints and transfer loads to the fixed supporting structure system. They are connected to the glass curtain wall. An important accessory. With the impact of the curtain wall industry, in order to achieve a better use effect of the stainless steel joint claw, the construction details are very important. Today, I will introduce some details of the joint claw construction and the problems that need attention.

The first is the preparation before installation. Before installing the stainless steel curtain wall splicing claw, first check whether the installation position of the splicing claw is accurate. Check whether the verticality, elevation, height and levelness of the main support of the steel structure meet the design requirements, and pay special attention to the review of the installation hole position. Then clean the stainless steel and suction cups, and determine the number of suction cups according to the weight of the stainless steel and the specifications of the suction cups. And use a steel brush to clean the surface and bottom of the steel tank locally. The U-shaped steel tank connected to the bottom of the stainless steel should be added with neoprene spacers at a position 1/4 of the width from the stainless steel edge.

Then assemble the docking joint and stainless steel on the installation platform before installing it with the docking claw. After on-site installation, ensure that the horizontal deviation of stainless steel is within the allowable range and pay attention to adjusting the up, down, left, and right positions. After all adjustments are completed, the overall flatness of the facade should be checked to ensure that it is correct.



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