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Square glass spigot

Square glass spigot

  • Classification:Glass spigot
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  • Date of issue:2020-11-10 10:08:33
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Guardrail floor glass clamp

  1. Glass base: square glass base 50x50mm, 40x40mm, 60x60mm, various styles, can be customized

   Material: stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316

Guardrail floor glass clamps are widely used in banks, stations, hospitals, post offices, theaters, airports, airports, subways, shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibition centers, hotels, clubs, clubs, commercial buildings, real estate development companies, decoration companies, and construction projects , Modern large hotels, restaurants, gymnasiums, office buildings, private villas, railings...

   shopping mall (shopping mall atrium, shopping mall stairs, shopping mall elevator escalators,),

   hotel (hotel room balcony, hotel atrium, hotel stairs, etc.),

   Public (airport terminal railings, station railings, subway railings, etc.),

   office building (security guardrail for office building)

   balcony (family balcony railings, bay window railings, etc.), family stair railings, etc., beach railings, etc.

Square glass spigotSquare glass spigot


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