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Stainless steel joint

2020-10-22 10:08:55
Stainless steel joint
Detailed introduction:

In the point-supported glass curtain wall, stainless steel joints are divided into open-hole joints and seam joints according to the way of fixing glass. The commonly used stainless steel joints selection method has also been mentioned before, so what are these stainless steel joints? What are the advantages?

    1. The advantages of open-hole connection

The open-hole joints are divided into countersunk heads and floating heads. The floating heads are the most widely used in our projects, because they are easy to install, and the glass opening is simple and convenient. The floating head joints are covered on the outside of the glass. No glass is required. If the tapered hole is opened, the thickness of the glass is not less than 6mm, and the cost is low, these are the obvious advantages of the floating head joint.

  Compared with the advantages of floating head type joints, the countersunk head type connection sinks into the glass surface, and the surface is smooth and beautiful. The practice of not opening holes on the front piece of laminated glass and insulating glass, but only opening holes on the inner piece of glass, has also been favored by architects. The advantages of this method are 1. It prevents the glass from leaking water at the joint. 2. Like exposed joints, when rainwater flows from above, there will be traces of stains below. 3. When used for hollow laminated glass, there will be no air leakage in the hollow layer at the joint position. 4. Compared with other forms The connector is more beautiful. However, it is complicated to process the taper hole with the glass of the countersunk joint, and the glass thickness is not less than 8mm.

    Second, the advantages of seam joints

  1. Low cost: When opening holes for point-supported curtain wall glass, advanced technology and equipment must be used, and the cost of glass is relatively high. If a non-porous fixed glass is used, the process of glass opening is omitted, especially for hollow glass, and the hole sealing is omitted, which will effectively reduce the cost of the glass.

2. The process is simple: when opening the hole of the open-hole curtain wall glass, the hole position error of the glass hole and the hole coaxiality error when the laminated glass is laminated are not easy to guarantee. If it is an insulating glass, it needs to be specially opened. Sealing treatment, so the whole process is more complicated. If the clamp edge joint is used to fix the glass, a lot of processes are omitted and the processing cycle is shortened.

  3. Glass breakage caused by hole defects can be avoided. The glass is brittle and has low fracture toughness. Therefore, under stress, once the critical stress is exceeded, the glass will break.

4. Air leakage caused by the opening of the hollow glass can be avoided. The working principle of the hollow glass is to use hollow air to obtain heat preservation and sound insulation performance. Once the glass is open, the airtightness of the joint position is not easy to guarantee, if it occurs If air leaks, water mist will form on the middle layer of the insulating glass. This phenomenon will be greatly reduced if a seam joint is used.

    Installation steps of stainless steel joints.

    1. Before using the connection, check and confirm that the primary and secondary pole wires are connected correctly and that the input voltage meets the nameplate regulations of the welding machine. After connecting the power, it is strictly prohibited to touch the live part of the primary circuit.

    2. The connecting copper plate of the secondary tap of the barge connection should be pressed tightly, and the terminal should have a washer. Before closing, check the wiring nuts, bolts and other parts in detail and confirm that they are complete and not loose or damaged.

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