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Stainless steel expansion screw

Stainless steel expansion screw

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Stainless steel expansion screws are generally referred to as metal expansion screws. The fixing of expansion screws is to use the wedge-shaped slope to promote expansion and generate frictional binding force to achieve a fixed effect.

    Stainless steel expansion screws are flat after use due to small drilling, high tension, and can be removed at will if they are not used. The advantages of keeping the wall flat are obvious and widely used in various decoration occasions:

    1. Fasten air conditioners, water heaters, range hoods, etc.

    2. Fix frameless balcony windows, anti-theft doors and windows, kitchen, bathroom components, etc.

    4. Other occasions that need to be fixed

    The correct installation method of stainless steel expansion screws:

    1. Before installing stainless steel expansion screws, drill holes on the wall with an electric drill.

    Note: The drilling depth should be compared with the embedded length of the expansion bolt, and should not be too deep or too shallow.

    2. After drilling the eye with the electric drill, use a cleaning tool to blow out the dust remaining after drilling, otherwise it will affect the fixing fastness of the stainless steel expansion screw.

    Note: This step is often overlooked by installation workers. Do not bring hidden dangers to engineering safety in order to save time.

    3. Put in the embedded stainless steel expansion tube and stainless steel bolts.

    Note: The drilling depth should be compared with the length of the stainless steel expansion tube, and should not be too deep or too shallow.

    4. Tighten the stainless steel nut to achieve the purpose of fixing

    Note: Choose a suitable stainless steel gasket according to the object to be fixed to avoid excessive squeezing of the fixed object and damage to the fixed object.

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