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Stainless steel bolt

Stainless steel bolt

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Stainless steel bolts refer to bolts made of stainless steel, including stainless steel SUS201 bolts, stainless steel SUS304 bolts, stainless steel SUS316 bolts, and stainless steel SUS316L bolts. The performance grades of stainless steel bolts, studs and studs are divided into 10 grades: from 3.6 to 12.9. The number before the decimal point represents 1/100 of the tensile strength limit of the material, and the number after the decimal point represents 10 times the ratio of the yield limit of the material to the tensile strength limit.

Stainless steel bolts and nuts are used to fasten and connect two connected parts and structures with through holes. According to the type of stainless steel bolts, it can be divided into stainless steel hexagonal head bolts, stainless steel hexagonal flange bolts, stainless steel square head bolts, round head (square neck or tenon) bolts, countersunk (square neck or tenon) bolts, and T-slot bolts , Stainless steel live joint bolts, stainless steel anchor bolts and other types. The following will specifically talk about the respective uses of these types of stainless steel bolts.

Stainless steel hexagon head bolts are the most widely used type of bolts. Grade A and Grade B bolts are used for important occasions that require high assembly accuracy, and are subject to greater impact, vibration or alternating loads. Grade C bolts are used for occasions where the surface is rough and the assembly accuracy is not high. The threads on the bolts are generally coarse-threaded ordinary threads. The self-locking properties of the ordinary threaded bolts in West Asia are better. They are mainly used for thin-walled parts or occasions subject to impact, vibration or alternating loads. Generally, bolts are partially threaded. Full-threaded bolts are mainly used for bolts with shorter nominal lengths and occasions requiring longer threads. Bolts with holes are used where bolts need to be locked. Bolts with reamed holes can accurately fix the mutual position of the connected parts, and can withstand the shear and extrusion caused by the transverse force.

The head of the stainless steel hexagonal flange bolt consists of two parts: the hexagonal head and the flange surface. The "ratio of the supporting area to the stress area" is larger than that of the ordinary hexagonal head bolt, so this kind of bolt can bear higher preload The anti-loose performance is also good, so it is widely used in automobile engines, heavy machinery and other products.

Stainless steel countersunk head (square neck or with tenon) bolts are mostly used in occasions where the surface of the connected parts is required to be flat or smooth without blocking things.

T-slot bolts are suitable for occasions where the bolts can only be connected from one side of the connected parts. Insert the bolt into the T-slot and then rotate it 90° to prevent the bolt from coming out; it is also used in occasions where the structure is compact.

The square head size of the stainless steel square head bolt is large, which is convenient for the wrench to jam, or rely on other parts to prevent rotation; it can also be used in parts with T-slots to adjust the bolt position. Class C square head bolts are often used for rougher structures.

Half-round head (square neck or with tenon) bolts are mostly used where the structure is restricted and it is not convenient for other head bolts or the connected parts require smooth bolt heads. The square neck or tenon structure prevents the bolt from rotating. Ordinary round head bolts are mostly used on metal parts; large round head bolts are mostly used on wooden parts; reinforced half round head bolts are mostly used in occasions that bear impact, vibration or alternating loads.

Stainless steel swivel bolts are mostly used in occasions or tooling that need to be disconnected frequently. The articulated bolts, also called eye bolts in China, follow the GB/T798-88 standard; abroad, they are also called fish eye bolts, which follow the DIN444 standard. Application items: filter self-rescuer, gas detection instrument, dust mask, raincoat for mine, mine blaster, application details: swivel bolts are widely used in: low temperature and high pressure valves, pressure pipes, fluid engineering, oil drilling equipment, Oilfield equipment and other fields are often used in disassembly and connection occasions or tools such as valve industry, folding bicycles, and baby carriages. Because the joint bolts are convenient and fast to use, they can be used with matching nuts to tighten the connection. The scope of application Wide and wide. For valve joint bolts, the sealing problem cannot be ignored, because the running, leaking, dripping and other phenomena of the valve come from here. The quality of the valve joint bolts must be guaranteed to ensure the safety of use.

Stainless steel anchor bolts are specially designed to be embedded in the cement foundation for fixing machinery and equipment. Anchor bolts are screw rods used to fasten equipment, etc. to the concrete foundation. Generally used in infrastructure such as railways, highways, power companies, factories, mines, bridges, tower cranes, large-span steel structures and large buildings. Have strong stability.

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